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Brief post: work has kept me busier than I expected. It’s chaotic but I love it.

The right side of the political spectrum gets a bad name for being anti-science, as it should, but it’d be false to say that liberals are all pri-science. Anti-vaccination, anti-GMO, anti-fluoride. These are just a few of the issues common to science deniers on the left. (I’ll be the first to admit it’s not be rely as bad as the right but the fact that it’s an issue at all is troublesome. )

My dad’s old boss has a wife that is a delightful person but I recently had to block her posts from my news feed on facebook. I haven’t called her on it as I don’t know if this old boss has any impact on my dad’s career anymore but I wish I couls. Amyway, she posted a list of bottled water companies that had fluoride in their water. I’ve tolerated her posts on anti-GMO stuff because I think legitimate complaints can probably be leveled at the corporations themselves (as opposed to the fear mongering going on about GMO products, which the science show to be mostly alright). But anti-fluoride is just bat shit crazy. Seriously. The amount of fluoride in the water is enough to be beneficial and small enough to be below harmful levels. Being against fluoride is just plain stupid (looking at you Portland).

Meh. Anti-science and anti intellectualism drives me nuts.